Surrounded By Change

I used to have a very hard time with change. I'm getting better at it, though. Living somewhere where nature is a little closer helps. I experience the change of seasons more here -- I notice the changing light each day since there is less artificial light here, and I feel the changing temperature each morning as I go outside to feed the birds. There are more trees, so I can see them changing all around me. And then there is the moon -- she is more visible here and I love tracking the changing way the sun's light reflects off of her surface each night as she orbits around us. 

Changes are so much easier when you accept that change is a constant -- the natural order, even. When you're adaptable. Heck, you may get so good with change that you start seeking them out, and making some of your own before they are made to you. Have you adapted to the things that have changed for you? What changes are you contemplating? That is what the woman in this painting is thinking about and feeling, along with her shining example the moon.

image: Surrounded By Change, available in the shop!

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