The Work Behind the Work: The Magician

Happy Full Moon! Happy almost Equinox! If you celebrate, hit my little contact button and let me know how. I am having a party -- just my husband, cats, and I. A spread of nibbly bits, and, um, silver tip tea gin martinis! Let me know if you want the recipe :)

What better time to share my next tarot journal spread -- the spread for The Magician! My main figure is the inimitable Lenor Fini. I definitely feel that artists are magicians. If you go by my working definition of magic: "the art and science of transforming the ordinary . . . into the extraordinary via the desire to willfully apply the universal and natural laws and principles to daily living" (Amber Jayanti) -- don't you think that artists take paint, graphite, ink, clay, wood and strings, metal with holes in it, their vocal cords, their bodies, paper, and many other ordinary things and transform them into the extraordinary via their will? Yep, that sounds about right to me! <3

I hope your week is filled with lots of Magic.

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