Your necklace is not only a pretty thing that accents your outfit. Adornment can be filled with deep meaning. Human adornment is an ancient practice; archeologists have found evidence of human decoration as early as 100,000 years ago. Sure, for beauty, and sometimes for rank, but also for spiritual purposes, including protection. Taschen's The Book of Symbols (highly reccomended for those who love to think visually) puts it succinctly and beautifully:

"Worn around the neck, the necklace safeguards the vital link between the head (mind, psyche, spirit) and the rest of the body . . . By covering the heart, a pendant also protects its symbolic meanings such as courage, love, and life itself."

What would wearing an eye symbolize for you? Is it looking out or in? A window to your soul, or someone else's? Protection from the evil eye? Vision? Second sight? Insight? Wisdom? A Third Eye? And maybe it's also a pretty thing that accents your outfit, and art you can wear. It can be both. It can be all those things and more.

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