Spell to Sustain Your Inner Flame

Go within every day and find the inner strength so that the world won’t blow your candle out —Katherine Dunham

I’m the ultimate introvert homebody, but this last round of get vaccinated, take off your mask, oh wait, put your mask back on and there are breakthrough infections you need to worry about has even me suffering whiplash and a sense of unease. The rituals I have in place to help keep me grounded and centered have been invaluable during this time of constant change. I wanted to share one of them with you, in the hope that it will provide a place to rest in all the change we are experiencing each day.

First, you make your candle. You can buy one too, but I believe that things you make yourself contain power. Make it out of what you like best — soy wax, beeswax, or another wax, but try not to use paraffin wax, as it’s not so good for you or the environment. Add a few pine needles, or an herb, or flower petals, preferably from your garden, the garden of someone you like, or a walk in the woods. Do not add too many burnable materials lest you start a conflagration (ask me how I know)! A few pine needles, one crumbled leaf of mugwort, or a dried rose petal is enough. Choose these materials depending on what you want to evoke.

Then, you light your candle. Every single day. It doesn’t matter if you are tired, busy, or don’t feel like it. When you are tired, busy, or don’t feel like it are especially important days to light your candle. You see, you are not just lighting a candle, but keeping your inner light shining. Sympathetic magic. Like attracts like. You are stating that you believe in your own luminosity, ritually and symbolically, in a way no half heartedly mumbled affirmation someone else wrote ever can. Sit quietly, or pray, or do yoga, or draw a tarot card, or journal. Do what feels right. Let it evolve, and spiral.

When you are done, do not blow out your candle, lest you blow your inner flame away. Antique silverware gently pressed on either side of the flame works admirably well for this if you do not have a snuffer. Say thank you, and hold that flame in your heart throughout the hours, until you light your candle again the next day. Someone makes a mean snipe? Remember your flame. Struggling with a project? Remember your flame. Feeling alone? Remember your flame. You make a genuine connection, hear good news, or accomplish something  you’ve been working on? Feel your flame glow.

Now this is important: when you see your candle getting low, make or buy another. Imbue it with your wishes for the next while: pine needle clarity, mugwort vision, rose petal love. Have it ready for when your current candle is spent. This may or may not coincide with the new moon, but when it does, it’s extra magical. Light your candle every day. Then another, and another. Repeat, and repeat again. Do this for all of your days, and you will sustain your inner flame.

So be it ♥️

images from my painting Queen of Heaven, available in my shop!

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