On Friday, I went to a farm and picked raspberries, apples, and pears. And ate one perfect apple cider donut still warm from the fryer. Yes! All in one glorious day, in the most glorious season. The air was crisp, the sun was golden, and everything was beautiful -- even the dead sunflowers bowing their heads, as birds ate their fill of the seeds. 

Even though I came home with two big containers of raspberries, they are almost gone. I've made smoothies that were elixirs of the gods (I even served them in crystal wine glasses because they were SO special), and this morning I made the filling for raspberry turnovers. What will I do with my last precious cup? The apples are ready for eating (sliced is my preference!), oatmeal, and my favorite cake. But the pears? The pears are so gorgeous I can't even think about eating them right now. I want to draw and paint them in their yellow ochre, burnt sienna, and everything in between majesty.    

image: Pear, oil on oil paper, available in the shop!

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