Welcome to VibrantMatterAtelier, the original art shop of Jacqueline Manni.

“Thing power gestures toward the strange ability of ordinary, man-made items to exceed their status of objects and to manifest traces of independence or aliveness, constituting the outside of our own experience.” — Jane Bennett, from her fascinating book Vibrant Matter. This is what I work toward in the art I create, and what I hope you will feel when you interact with these pieces.

All work is original and priced accessibly because I feel that original art is for everyone. As the Bread and Puppet Why Cheap Art Manifesto states: “People have been thinking too long that art is a privilege of the museums and the rich. Art is not business! It does not belong to banks and fancy investors. Art is food. You can’t eat it but it feeds you ... Art is for kitchens. Art is like good bread.” In this spirit I offer my work to you.

Giving back is important to me, so 10% of all sales are donated to Chenoa Manor. Check them out at:


— and do visit if you are in the area. I can attest that signing up for one of their experiences with the residents is life changing!

I, and Vibrant Matter, are not on social media. I’ve found it chases away the muses. But I’ll keep you updated about what’s going on in my shop announcements and blog posts on my website vibrantmatteratelier.com !

Thank you so much for taking a look ♥️

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